"This is not a 'do as I say not as I do' situation, it is neither hypothetical nor armchair academic spirituality, it is a living practice passed by living practicing individuals."   


 Yoga Society SF Teacher Training 2018

Yoga Society SF Teacher Training 2018

Gratitude for Sumukhi and Briksha for their ONEderful teachings, humungous output of energy, patience, brilliance and commitment. There were so many ONEderful moments to be thankful for:

 Three particular moments that stand out are

  • working together with Angie and Sayra on the first sequence practice. So sweet and meaningful to me. I am touched that I will always have this memory of "how it all began."
  • Briksha's ONEderful story about the King and the Minister...
  •  Sumukhi's precious voice, music, excellent and inspiring explanations of deeply esoteric subject matter, clear asana teaching, patience and humor


- Monica Miller



Thank you to Sumukhi for her guidance and wisdom.  Because of her guidance, I have been able to expand my businesses.  I gained so much by working with her in yoga and I continue practicing and learning more about Ayurveda.

Sumukhi is an important role model. Her trust and openness is cherished by me. 

- Bryana Iglesias