Personal and Business Success through Yoga

Chapter 30 of The Fundamentals of Yoga is titled “Our Daily Business and Yoga.”  Guruji asks:

Is it possible to obtain personal and business success through Yoga and samadhi?

In our Yoga teacher training, we carefully examine this question and our relationship to business, sales and marketing ourselves as teachers of Yoga.

At Brahmananda Ashram, we encourage our teachers to share the teachings of Yoga to others in order to make an income that is beneficial for all parties.  We help teachers discern between selling one’s own personality as a teacher versus sharing the wisdom of yoga with others for a fee.

At Brahmananda Ashram, we teach you how to work with 100s of students and in one-on-one settings.  And how to respect yours and others’ time within professional boundaries.

We study the wisdom of wealth and money when it comes to funding your life and business as a teacher of Yoga.  And we provide you tools for lasting success. 




The wealth of the Universe is within you


Chapter 30, Fundamentals of Yoga