The Union of East and West

The profound experience of your true Self as freedom is what makes a Yogi out of a practitioner of Yoga.  To this end, our Guru and Founder - Sri Brahmananda Sarasvatī- emphasized the union of Eastern and Western Psychology.  In his Textbook of Yoga Psychology, he explains how psychoanalysis leads to Self-analysis.

Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is an introduction into the union of Eastern and Western Psychology.  We prepare the student to teach the fundamentals of yoga and to deepen their journey into the Self.  But - ultimately- Yoga is a life-long and multiple lifetimes journey and we see 200 hours as just the beginning.

Ashram provides a satsang - a community of truth-seekers of multiple generations of Yoga practitioners.  We provide mentorship and guidance for residents of the ashram and those in Teacher Training. 

Our Guru - an enlightened Master - was also a neurosurgeon who was incredibly gifted at working with the mind in all its varying stages of consciousness.  To this end, we highly encourage all to explore the unity between psychotherapy and spirituality with trained and licensed professionals alongside a deep yoga practice.

Yoga means “union” in all respects.  


Guruji and Joan Suval


Satsang means to be in the company of truth


Hatha Yoga  


San Francisco (St.  Francis) in our ashram garden