The Journey of I - AM

You are a creative force of the Universe.  Our Yoga teacher training is the Journey of I - AM.  Become your Self - whether you are introverted, extroverted, funny, not-funny, whatever you “think” you are — we honor and give you the timeless steps of Yoga to uncover your very Self.   We do not create “cookie-cutter” teachers as there are no “cookie-cutter” people.  We teach you to respect the diversity in the Universe within you and all beings.  Teaching itself is a practice of looking at the mirror of your own being and seeing your self in all beings.  And all beings in your Self.

 The greatest teachers of Yoga are embodiments of Yoga.  Their practices speak through their actions, words and deeds in the world.  At Brahmananda Ashram, we immerse you in the techniques (8-limbs) of yoga so that they are infused in your daily sadhana or practice of yoga.  From this place, you share the goodness of Yoga out to the world by being your Self.