Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga Sequences

Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is focused on the 8 limbs (Ashtanga) of Yoga as described by Patanjali.  The asanas or physical postures of Yoga are the 3rd limb of Yoga.  To this end, we have found that the teachers from Krishnamacharya’s lineages of Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga yogas have provided the modern world with the most precise sequences for awakening to higher states of awareness and samadhi- the 8th limb of Yoga.

Krishnamacharya’s lineages include B.K.S. Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois, Ramaswami and Desikachar.  We help you see the structure behind the sequences used by these great masters to help you create sequences for all levels or yoga practitioner - using The Yoga Chikitsa (Yoga Healing) Sequence of the primary series - pictured - as a base template. 

One of our primary texts for Brahmananda Ashram Teacher Training is the Fundamentals of Yoga, by our Guru, Sri Brahmananda Sarasvatī, Ramamurti S. Mishra, M.D.  In this text, students are shown in detail how Yoga harmonizes with physical and neurological sciences.  Students also see how Hatha yoga postures lend themselves to healing of the 7 bodies (chakras) and 5 koshas or sheaths that make up each human being.