Hatha & Mantra Yoga with Sumukhi every Sunday in San Francisco

Hatha and Mantra Yoga with Sumukhi

When: Sundays 10:30 am - 12 pm
Where: Yoga Society of San Francisco, Brahmananda Ashram, 2872 Folsom Street

Align your body, mind and soul with Sumukhi Devī. Expect a class suitable for all levels of practitioner with emphasis on awakening the inherent power of the human system in an organic way. The music and Mantra inspire the natural movements of Prana and Shakti in the body which lead to more ease, joy and happiness.

About Sumukhi:

Purchase here: https://www.sumukhidevi.com/buy/hatha-mantra-yoga-with-sumukhi

 Sumukhi chants, plays harmonium with Jason McKenzie on tabla.

Sumukhi chants, plays harmonium with Jason McKenzie on tabla.

Yoga Teacher Training 2018 San Francisco

The Heart is transformed into gold and the soul purified into its diamond-like nature of supreme consciousness in Yoga.  

Our wonderful group of Teacher trainees learn Hatha Yoga and Pranayama, Sanskrit, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, how to speak from their authentic voice, how to lead and teach Yoga Nidra, meditation and so much more.

When you learn how to teach yoga at our Ashram, you have access to countless tools that you can reference for the rest of your life. 


Adho Mukha Svanasa - Yoga Society of San Francisco Teacher Training 2018


Vrkshasana - Yoga Society of San Francisco Teacher Training 2018


Teacher Training practicum - Yoga Society of San Francisco Teacher Training 2018


Mahendra Briksha Agarwaal leading a class on meditation and mastery - Yoga Society of San Francisco Teacher Training 2018

Become a better human: Teach Yoga

To teach yoga is one of the most courageous acts a human being can make: because it forces you to see the Heart in every human being you meet.  

It makes you care and love more.  This vulnerability is a strength beyond any weapon, gun or military complex.  The love annihilates the small ego and teaches you - the teacher - utmost compassion, love and tenderness for your fellow human being. 


Yoga Society of San Francisco Teacher Training  

Ashram Life

To live Yoga is to transmit and teach Yoga.  The most immersive setting for Yoga practice  is in community with fellow seekers and Yogis who live and breathe Yoga, Sanskrit, meditation and are dedicated to the highest liberation.  Ashram is a center for the freedom of the Heart and Soul.



Yoga Society of San Francisco  

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

You learn the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by chanting directly in Sanskrit.  Our Yoga Teacher Training is centered around this root text for all practicing Yogis.

Our other root teacher training text -Fundamentals of Yoga - is based on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Samkhya philosophy, Hatha Yoga and Anatomy.  

The Sutras are easily memorized when chanted regularly. As Guruji - Shri Brahmananda Sarasvatī- said:  “The vibration of the Sutras are within you.” 

Purchase  Guruji’s translation of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali at  http://www.ashramstore.com/product.php?productid=16144&cat=250&page=1

Companion CD and DVD of Guruji teaching and chanting the Sutras are also available for purchase at ashramstore.com.


Personal and Business Success through Yoga

Chapter 30 of The Fundamentals of Yoga is titled “Our Daily Business and Yoga.”  Guruji asks:

Is it possible to obtain personal and business success through Yoga and samadhi?

In our Yoga teacher training, we carefully examine this question and our relationship to business, sales and marketing ourselves as teachers of Yoga.

At Brahmananda Ashram, we encourage our teachers to share the teachings of Yoga to others in order to make an income that is beneficial for all parties.  We help teachers discern between selling one’s own personality as a teacher versus sharing the wisdom of yoga with others for a fee.

At Brahmananda Ashram, we teach you how to work with 100s of students and in one-on-one settings.  And how to respect yours and others’ time within professional boundaries.

We study the wisdom of wealth and money when it comes to funding your life and business as a teacher of Yoga.  And we provide you tools for lasting success. 




The wealth of the Universe is within you


Chapter 30, Fundamentals of Yoga

Source: http://yssf.yoga

The Union of East and West

The profound experience of your true Self as freedom is what makes a Yogi out of a practitioner of Yoga.  To this end, our Guru and Founder - Sri Brahmananda Sarasvatī- emphasized the union of Eastern and Western Psychology.  In his Textbook of Yoga Psychology, he explains how psychoanalysis leads to Self-analysis.

Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is an introduction into the union of Eastern and Western Psychology.  We prepare the student to teach the fundamentals of yoga and to deepen their journey into the Self.  But - ultimately- Yoga is a life-long and multiple lifetimes journey and we see 200 hours as just the beginning.

Ashram provides a satsang - a community of truth-seekers of multiple generations of Yoga practitioners.  We provide mentorship and guidance for residents of the ashram and those in Teacher Training. 

Our Guru - an enlightened Master - was also a neurosurgeon who was incredibly gifted at working with the mind in all its varying stages of consciousness.  To this end, we highly encourage all to explore the unity between psychotherapy and spirituality with trained and licensed professionals alongside a deep yoga practice.

Yoga means “union” in all respects.  


Guruji and Joan Suval


Satsang means to be in the company of truth


Hatha Yoga  


San Francisco (St.  Francis) in our ashram garden  

Our Yoga Lineage

The lineage of Yoga at Brahmananda Ashram / Yoga Society of San Francisco is that of Guru-disciple through countless generations of Illumined Masters. Our Guru, Shri Brahmananda Sarasvatī, Ramamurti S. Mishra, M.D., was called to teach in the United States and practice medicine by his Guru - Baba Bhagavandas Bodhisattva - and their teachings stem directly from the originators of Yoga as we know it today: Sri Patanjali, Adi Shankaracharya, Panini and the Rishis who gave us the Vedas.  This extraordinary lineage transmits the timeless wisdom of Yoga to all who dedicate their Minds and Hearts with great love and respect to the practices of Yoga in its many forms.

Jaya Guruji !

we offer everything to your lotus feet with great love  


Guruji, Sri Brahmananda Sarasvatī with our yoga community at our sister Ashram in Monroe, NY - Ananda Ashram  


Guruji with Dr. Patel to his right - Director of our Yoga - Maya Theater at Ananda Ashram in New York and hugging Sri Charkaji, Director of our Indian Classical Dance program at Ananda Ashram  


Guruji - Shri Brahmananda Sarasvatī - leading satsang on the deck of Yoga Society of San Francisco, Brahmananda Ashram  

Fundamentals of Yoga

Our main required text for Brahmananda Ashram / Yoga Society of San Francisco teacher training is The Fundamentals of Yoga by our Guru, Shri Brahmananda Sarasvatī, Ramamurti S. Mishra, M.D.  It was first published in 1959, with subsequent iterations, with a introduction from Paul Brunton, a disciple of Sri Ramana Maharshi who said:

 ”these pages abound in working methods and exercises for use by the earnest student who seeks to spiritualize himself.”

At Brahmananda Ashram, when you study the words and teachings of our Guru and Founder, Shri Brahmananda Sarasvatī (Guruji) through his texts, it is as if He is speaking directly through you.

In our teacher training, we use The Fundamentals of Yoga to walk you through the most transformative techniques of yoga and have you experience the varying states of higher consciousness in Yoga so that you may more easily share these with others on the spiritual path of Yoga.

We cover all of the chapters that include indelible guidance for a teacher of Yoga including the fundamental essence of Yoga such as the following:

Chapter 2, The Power of Suggestion: Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi 

Chapter 5, Rules for the Practice of Yoga

Chapter 10, Methods for Creating the State of YogaNidra

Chapter 19, Awaken Your Kundalini

Chapter 24, Asanas - Postures - or Discipline of the Body

Chapter 30, Our Daily Business and Yoga

We apply these teachings to ourselves and practice teaching with Guruji’s methods outlined in the book to help others attain Yoga.

As Guruji famously said:  “Yoga is the state where you are missing nothing.”





Fundamentals of Yoga, 2002 Edition

 Fundamentals of Yoga, hardcover edition

Fundamentals of Yoga, hardcover edition


Fundamentals of Yoga, paperback edition

The Journey of I - AM

You are a creative force of the Universe.  Our Yoga teacher training is the Journey of I - AM.  Become your Self - whether you are introverted, extroverted, funny, not-funny, whatever you “think” you are — we honor and give you the timeless steps of Yoga to uncover your very Self.   We do not create “cookie-cutter” teachers as there are no “cookie-cutter” people.  We teach you to respect the diversity in the Universe within you and all beings.  Teaching itself is a practice of looking at the mirror of your own being and seeing your self in all beings.  And all beings in your Self.

 The greatest teachers of Yoga are embodiments of Yoga.  Their practices speak through their actions, words and deeds in the world.  At Brahmananda Ashram, we immerse you in the techniques (8-limbs) of yoga so that they are infused in your daily sadhana or practice of yoga.  From this place, you share the goodness of Yoga out to the world by being your Self.


Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga Sequences

Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is focused on the 8 limbs (Ashtanga) of Yoga as described by Patanjali.  The asanas or physical postures of Yoga are the 3rd limb of Yoga.  To this end, we have found that the teachers from Krishnamacharya’s lineages of Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga yogas have provided the modern world with the most precise sequences for awakening to higher states of awareness and samadhi- the 8th limb of Yoga.

Krishnamacharya’s lineages include B.K.S. Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois, Ramaswami and Desikachar.  We help you see the structure behind the sequences used by these great masters to help you create sequences for all levels or yoga practitioner - using The Yoga Chikitsa (Yoga Healing) Sequence of the primary series - pictured - as a base template. 

One of our primary texts for Brahmananda Ashram Teacher Training is the Fundamentals of Yoga, by our Guru, Sri Brahmananda Sarasvatī, Ramamurti S. Mishra, M.D.  In this text, students are shown in detail how Yoga harmonizes with physical and neurological sciences.  Students also see how Hatha yoga postures lend themselves to healing of the 7 bodies (chakras) and 5 koshas or sheaths that make up each human being.


Learn to build a community of love

At Brahmananda Ashram, Yoga Society of San Francisco, we teach you how to build a community of love - which requires great boundaries.  You learn how to protect your Self while you face the biggest adversities and difficulties in life.  We show you the ways out of “spiritual bypass” and over-romanticizing Yoga.  We give you Yoga as a foundation for trusting your own inner wisdom and light.  Therefore, we do not offer ordinary yoga teacher training.  We offer you tools for life and beyond.


Our beloved ashram community is ever-growing and is connected spiritually no matter where we are in the world. 


live in joy  

What to expect at Yoga Society / Brahmananda Ashram

  • Seasoned, experienced Teachers who live and practice yoga as a conscious path to wholeness and health
  • A lineage of teachers inspired by our Guru - Shri Brahmananda Sarasvatī, Ramamurti S. Mishra, M.D. - famous for bringing the yoga we know and love to the West and an inspiration to many authentic lineages of yoga
  • A dedicated community of practitioners who meditate and practice yoga daily
  • A vegetarian and vegan lifestyle  
  • Direct teachings and translations of Yogic texts from its source language: Sanskrit
  • Deep personal, spiritual and psychological transformation  
  • Mentors who guide and support you through awakening deeper levels of consciousness and awareness 
  • A practical and profound use of yoga, its philosophies and practices in your daily life  
  • Peace, purpose, compassion, commitment, unity and oneness  



Ashram brothers, Mukth Mukh and Briksha - co-Director of YTT


Devi on harmonium  




Ashram family and YTT graduates  


healing for the mind - body - spirit


Music of yoga


Teachers who love to share the science and physics of the body 

Yoga in the Mission

The Yoga Society of San Francisco / Brahmananda Ashram was founded in 1972 in the Historic, vibrant and colorful Mission district.  Live and study in an authentic and transformative yoga community.  Apply for Yoga Teacher training or our unique residency program. 


Ashram garden bursting with beauty and flowers. 


Mission de Flores - local flower shop.


Wise and Sons - where challah is served everyday - just around the corner from our hOMe sweet home. 


Samovar on Valencia - brewing pots of tea.  Just one BART stop from the ashram. 

Empowerment through Yoga

We celebrate Navaratri, nine days of honoring the Devi, the Goddess, the Mother of the Universe- twice a year at The Yoga Society of San Francisco.  The Devi represents shakti - the divine, ever-expanding love and energy of the Universe.  Shakti empowers all beings to be great and beautiful in your own being - as Your Self. Yoga is a science for awakening shakti - which is inherent in all humans and lies dormant as kundalini at the base of the spine.  The practices of yoga awaken kundalini in precise and subtle ways.  The awakened kundalini is like a wish-fulfilling gem for the Yogi (practitioner of Yoga) and all those who come into the presence of a Yogi.